Centenary Timeline Nóiméad Céad Bliain

September 2022

Estella Solomons
‘The spirit that drove her brush’

Mná100 hosted an 'In Conversation' with Steve Woods Director of 'Estella' Director Steve Woods In the late 1990s, Steve Woods, script writer,...


August 2022

‘Women Prisoners’ Defence League’

August 2022 marks the centenary of formation of The Women Prisoners' Defence League according to a document found in 47 Parnell Square sometime in the 1970s, now in a private...


July 2022

American Eye Witness- Bostonian Ellen F O’Connor ‘aftermath of the Battle of Dublin.’

Ellen F O’Connor (1874-1943) was a 46 year old, American, a Teacher who taught at the Prince School and later at West Roxbury High, Boston A singer who took part in...


June 2022

Make Your Own Election Poster Using 100 Year Old Printing Techniques

To mark the centenary on 16th June of the ‘Pact Election’ of 1922, Mná 100 partnered with the National Print Museum to run this innovative pilot printing...


May 2022

Seeking Peace
Mná100 Podcast Episode 4

Mná100 Podcast Episode 4 This podcast examines events of 100 years ago and women’s participation in seeking peace - from chairing the Peace Committee meetings in...


April 2022

The Cork Manifesto

The 6th April 2022, marks the 100th anniversary of the issue of the ‘Cork Manifesto’ in The Cork Examiner This press cutting is one item in the extensive Conlon...


March 2022

The Formation of Cumann na Saoirse

On the 13th of March 1922, Cumann na Saoirse had its inaugural meeting The meeting in the Mansion House was presided over by Jennie Wyse Power Mná100 have partnered with...


February 2022

Executive of Cumann na mBan

Executive of Cumannna mBan February 1922 This photo shows 23 members of the Executive of Cumman na mBan While we know who most of these women are, there are 4 who remain...