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July 2022

American Eye Witness- Bostonian Ellen F O’Connor ‘aftermath of the Battle of Dublin.’

Ellen F O’Connor (1874-1943) was a 46 year old, American, a Teacher who taught at the Prince School and later at West Roxbury...


August 2022

‘Women Prisoners’ Defence League’

August 2022 marks the centenary of formation of The Women Prisoners' Defence League according to a document found in 47 Parnell Square...


November 2022

Centenary Timeline


November 2022

Missing Women

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September 2023

Ireland: Among the Nations

This podcast examines events of 100 years ago with Ireland’s membership of the League of Nations and the International Labour...


December 2023

Mná agus Réabhlóid na hÉireann

The act of translation is concerned with the slippages, peculiarities, and mysteries of language Particularly with poetry, we are invited...


January 2024

Women in the Inspectorate before and after the establishment of the Irish Free State


Photo Essay

December 2023

Her Archives, Literature, Documents

In 2016 the Women on Walls campaign by Accenture in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy aimed to make women leaders visible through a...


December 2021

Centenary Songs Mná100 Podcast Episode 3

Mná100 Podcast Episode 3 This podcast marks the centenary of the 2nd Dáil Éireann debates (both private and public sessions) on...