Her Archives, Literature, Documents

In 2016 the Women on Walls campaign by Accenture in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy aimed to make women leaders visible through a series of commissioned portraits, creating a lasting legacy for Ireland. Building on the success of this campaign the Royal Irish Academy Library is planning a one-day seminar to enhance the visibility of Irish women scientist, scholars, authors and others, by bringing together archival practitioners, librarians, historians and other stakeholders, to discover, discuss and disseminate women’s archival collections.

HER-ald: HER archives, literature and documents will have a universal appeal to national and international archives wishing to promote the historic, and subsequently future, role played by women in all walks of life. By continuing the work of the Women on Walls campaign but through a different lens, the HER-ald seminar hopes to collaborate and bring together various national, local and academic archives inviting them to turn the camera inwards and discover these hidden women. The seminar, HER-ald: HER archives, literature, documents, took place in the Royal Irish Academy on Thursday 14 December 2023. This date also marks the 105th anniversary of Irish women over the age of 30 exercising their right to vote in a general election for the first time.

Meadhbh Murphy

Dr. Barry Houlihan

Lynsey Gillespie

Prof. Maria Luddy

Mary McAuliffe

Prof. Diane Urquhart

Dr Brian Hughes

Virginia Teehan

Dr Martin Walsh

Nora Twomey

Dr Sinéad McCoole

Andrew Hughes