Unidentified – Miss Mullen

‘… unrivalled record of national service, and her unqualified devotion to the men who in Ulster fought under such difficulties.’ MSP34REF508

Her mother’s family were described as an Old Monaghan family. Her mother was a sister of Canon Quigley. They were from Killycoona in Newbliss

In 1917 Miss Alice Cashel of Cumann na mBan Executive asked Alice Mullan to form a local branch of Cumann na mBan. Alice Mullan became an organiser and visited Castleblaney, Newbliss, Clonibret, Treemilehouse, Middletown, Cootehill and Corcaghan. She also set up branches in Armagh and Cavan. She set up 9 branches in total, this was at her own expense. MSP34REF508 

Her sister Dympna [later Mrs O’Halloran MSP34REF44730] and her cousins Annie and Nora Quigley were also members of Cumann na mBan.

During the campaign of independence she was involved in nursing the wounded, catering for officers, visiting local jails as well as prisoners in Belfast Jail, Ballykinlar and Mountjoy Jail in Dublin. 

When Owen Keenan was wounded in a raid for arms on 30 August 1920 he was brought to what was described as ‘Alice Mullan’s house on Market Street, Monaghan’. In the reports it was stated this was done with the consent of her ‘patriotic father’.  Owen Keenan was nursed by Dympna, who was a student nurse at home on holidays, but he was badly wounded and he died from his wounds two weeks later.  MSP34REF508

She was appointed to the Executive of Cumann na mBan. MSP34REF508

She voted to accept the Treaty. She became a member of the Executive Council along with Mrs Wyse Power, Mrs Stopford Green, Mrs Blythe, Mrs O’Shea Leamy, Mrs Sean Connolly, Mrs Griffith, Mrs M Hayes, Mrs Mulcahy, Mrs O’Daly, Miss Shaw, Mrs John MacNeill, Mrs Costello, Miss Gavan Duffy, Miss McGilligan, Miss Kathleen Brown (Wexford) Miss O’Sullivan, Miss Spring Rice, Mrs Curran and Mrs Wordsworth.  Formation of Cumann na Saorise film

She remained active in politics for the Cumann na nGaedheal party and in 1927 she attended a meeting for the candidates for the General Election, Anglo Celt, September 10 1927. 

She lived at 40 Park Street, Monaghan Town. In 1942 she was awarded a pension.  From 1930s to 1950s she worked as a clerk for Monaghan County Council. In 1955 she resigned her position as a clerk in Monaghan County Council, as she described she had reached the age limit. MSP34REF508 

In 1951 along with her cousin Nora (Analore, Kileevan) and her sister Dympna (Kileevan) they attended the unveiling of the memorial to Keenan. Alice Mullan represented Cumann na mBan at a number of events over the years such as An Tostal festival, 1953. 

In 1959 she was Honorary Secretary of the Monaghan County IRA Veterans and Cumann na mBan Association Memorial Committee which had been formed to raise monuments to those ‘men and women of the county which took part in the struggle for national independence.’

In 1959 she was living on Clones Road in Monaghan but by the end of the 1960s she had moved to live at Beech Hill Convent, Monaghan. She died there on 18 July 1972. MSP34REF508