Miss Aughney

Born 5 January 1898 in Roscat (also given as Roscott), Tullowbeg, County Carlow to Patrick Aughney a farmer and his wife Maryanne, nee Dargan. She was named Elizabeth, she was known as Lizzie as a child. She was one of six children, five girls and one boy.

She was educated in University College Dublin where she received her teacher’s diploma. She also received an MA. She graduated in 1919. From September 1920 she was employed in Scoil Brighde, Miss Gavan Duffy’s school. The school taught through the medium of Irish and she was known as Éilis Nic Eachnaidh or Eilís Aughney. 

Eilís was part of the University Branch of Cumann na mBan, joined late in 1919. Elsewhere she states it was early in 1920 MSP34REF38786. As well as doing what is described as ‘routine work’ she also stored papers for the Director of Propaganda. 

She founded the local branch of Cumann na mBan in Tullow, County Carlow. Eilís visited Tullow three times a year, and when she was there she was involved in organising.  She was also involved in organising in Longford. MSP34REF38786

She became a member of the Executive of Cumann na mBan on 3 May 1921 and worked in the office of 27 Dawson Street. 

In 1922 she was still active in Cumann na mBan and involved in intelligence work, and the transportation of weapons. She became an Honorary Secretary in February 1922 and her name was printed on many circulars during this period.  She was on active service in Tullow (she was at home during the holidays) after the attack on the Four Courts. She maintained a line of communication for the Southern Division.

In her support letter Leslie Bean de Barra wrote: ‘The fact that she was so active during the telling periods of the fight and was not arrested speaks for itself.’ Letter to the Pension Board, 26 April 1938. MSP34REF38786   

In 1923 she worked in the office giving as much time as a paid official. In her pension application she stated her home was also available to men on the run. MSP34REF38786   

She resigned from Cumann na mBan in 1924. 

In 1938 she applied for a pension, she was not awarded the full amount at this time. She made a successful appeal. 

In 1940s she was appointed to the Agricultural Wages Board as a neutral member.  

She was living at 19 Ely Place Dublin and 72 Merrion Square in the 1930s. She worked as an assistant to the Professor of Education in University College Dublin. 

She was active in Old Cumann na mBan and a member of the Countess Markievicz Memorial Committee in the 1950s.

She was also one of the members of Cumann na mBan who actively collected the records of the organisation, which it was hoped would form the basis of a history of the organisation. 

Her final years were spent living in Terenure. She died on 21 May 198